Saturday, 18 July 2009

Me on ID cards live from Norwich North hustings


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Heard you on Radio Norfolk today. April Pond comes across well, she does sound quite real and pragmatic although that doesn't mean I agree with her all the time. Just a couple of hopefully helpful comments if you have to go through all this again on TV.

Firstly, most folks are utterly put off by the whole political programme and won't vote. I heard nothing on the radion show about the whole green philosophy of a different sort of society, with different measurements of wealth and well being and goals and beuaty and joy. Also, I heard no mention of organising unions and people in the workplace to campaign and organise for sustainable products, eco building design, co-operation not competiton. Thirdly, I would have liked you to mention on immigration the contradtiction of capital demanding the free movement of goods and money but not people - the three have to come together or not at all. Fourth, I'd like you to have recognised the monetary reform position in the manifesto - you can't have anyhting except debt in a debt based money system, it makes individuals not bankers responsible.

Hope some of these thoughts may be useful - it is the 60% who don't vote we should be targeting and not the 40% who do, I think we are still using the wrong language and arguments

Chris Hart

20 July 2009 at 13:28  

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