Friday, 16 August 2013

Green gain on cards in the East - Poll indicates I'm set to be the East of England's next new MEP.

Exciting news. A massive (and therefore unusually reliable) opinion poll conducted by YouGov for the ERS shows that the Green Party is in poll (!) position to gain in all four of our target Regions in next May's European elections. Here is a link to the news: . And here is the key quote from the findings of the poll: "Our research shows that ... Labour would win the election with 30% of the vote, UKIP would come second with 25%, the Conservatives third with 23%, Greens fourth with 12%, and the Lib Dems last with 10%."
Yep, we are set to beat the LibDems, and knock out their only MEP here, the uber-federalist Andrew Duff. Here in Eastern England we were just 1% short of winning last time; I was runner-up. On these figures, we are set to make it next time. I'd become an MEP, the Tories and LibDems would both lose a seat, and Labour would gain a seat too.
Here's our lead candidate in NorthWest, greeting the news:
On these poll results, they will be elected next year, along with me, and my Green House colleague, lead candidate in SouthWest, Molly Scott Cato. The Green Party would go from two to six MEPs, a huge breakthrough.
If you want to help make this a reality, then please get in touch. Get in touch with me if you live in Eastern England, or goto and join us.
It's time to get serious about tackling dangerous climate change, it's time for saner transport policies, it's time to invest in green jobs: it's high time to go Green, and propel our Party into the big league. For the sake of us all, and for the future.
Join us.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Ecologist article on guarding the future

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