Friday, 31 August 2012

Greens welcome publicinquiry on incinerator

 The Green Party welcome the Government's decision yesterday to hold a planning Public Inquiry on the proposed  incinerator near King's Lynn.

County Councillor Andrew Boswell, Green Party spokesperson for Environment, Transport and Development said:

"This is fantastic news. 
I've fought the Conservative administration's pro-incineration policy since becoming a Councillor in 2005.  There were many uncertainties and unanswered questions in the application that were not resolved at the Planning Committee meeting - these can now be looked at objectively by the Planning Inspector.   These include the air quality model and carbon emission footprint being seriously flawed, the risks to public health and from flooding, and that the incinerator would prevent Norfolk using more innovative waste treatment methods and suppress our recycling rates."

    The Green Party helped stop the planned incinerator for Norwich/Costessey. With any luck, we can yet do the same for its bastard son, the King's Lynn incinerator...

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