Thursday, 1 July 2010

AV referendum: Its May 2011

I broke the story earlier today that Clegg plans for the AV referendum to take place next May: . See James MacIntrye taking up the story, here:

UPDATE (Evening): No official announcement/confirmation - looks like the coalition are sticking to announcing the date officially next week (I think they would look bad if they didn't announce it through Parliament). BUT: After Ross Hawkins, (Beeb Political Correspondent) phoned me earlier to try to establish who my source was, I just saw James Landale (Beeb Political Correspondent) confirm that the BBC believes that the LFF story that I broke above is correct: That the government will announce next week that the referendum will be held on May 5 2011.

UPDATE (Morning of 2nd): The story is now the lead on the BBC, and is spreading all over the media. My story was right, and the coalition may have been forced to bring forward its tacit confirmation of it as a result of my breaking the news. :-)

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Rupert said...

AV is a foot in the door. The key point for anyone disappointed in AV is: We need to stay in the real world, here. It is fine to argue for the inclusion of PR in the referendum (provided that the referendum itself is done by AV...: otherwise, inclusion of PR in the referendum will simply guarantee that FPTP wins, by default). BUT, it won't happen. SO: when the referendum comes, and is AV vs FPTP, then surely Greens / progressives will/must vote for AV.
Don't let the best be enemy of the good.