Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Green Politics and Green Philosophy

RR's talk on 'Green Politics and Green Philosophy', 16 Oct. 08 - Enjoy!

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Lynda said...

Many thanks for putting the recording of your lecture on here! I was sorry I couldn't come to the UEA that evening to hear it so it was a pleasant surprise to find it on your blog when I "checked in" this evening!

Your description of the ideal world appeals to me.

I remember, a few decades ago (I have forgotten when) there was a TV drama about a post-industrial society where people returned to simple lives and had even given up road travel so much there was grass growing in their roads! (Now, there's a thought concerning the A11!) Since seeing that programme (I have forgotten what it was called or who was in it) I have been wishing that we could live simpler, less materialistic lives. As an adult I haven't really bothered much about accumulating possessions (even if my small house appears rather cluttered!) - so long as one has somewhere to live, food to eat, clothes to wear plus a few of the things which make lives a bit more interesting - like this five year old computer!).

I have to confess to one extravagance and that is my 16 year old Vauxhall Nova - which has become part of my life during the 12 years I have had it - we cannot be good all the while! (Although I only drive it when I really need to).

I hope that one day we can see the end of corporate greed which causes such misery in this world - not only in those who have lost their jobs as a result of this - but also in those who are still in their stressful, overworked, jobs purely as a result of the people at the top raking in even more profits - causing higher bills for less service to customers.

I am really looking forward to the possibility of living ecologically :0)